7 Exciting Wind and Energy Jobs at JMS Energy

Wind and Energy Jobs

Wind and Energy Jobs are often cited as a great industry to get your foot in the door. One company at the forefront of this transformation is JMS Energy. Known for their comprehensive approach to renewable energy solutions, JMS Energy offers a variety of wind and energy jobs that cater to professionals eager to make a difference. This blog delves into seven exciting job opportunities available at JMS Energy and explores what makes this company an exceptional place to build your career. This blog dives into the many Wind and Energy Jobs available with the company.

About JMS Energy

JMS Energy is dedicated to delivering sustainable energy solutions through innovation and expertise. With a strong commitment to renewable energy, the company has been instrumental in implementing projects that harness wind power, solar energy, and other sustainable resources. Their mission is to create a cleaner, greener future by developing and maintaining energy solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. For those passionate about the renewable energy sector, JMS Energy offers a supportive environment where your skills and ambitions can thrive.

Wind and Energy Jobs

Current Wind and Energy Jobs at JMS Energy

1. IT Support Specialist

As an IT Support Specialist, you will provide technical support to ensure the smooth operation of IT systems within JMS Energy. This role is crucial for maintaining efficient and secure technology infrastructure.


  • Troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Manage network and server maintenance.
  • Ensure data security and backup procedures.

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2. Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees various renewable energy projects from inception to completion. This role is ideal for individuals with strong organizational skills and a knack for leadership.


  • Plan and execute renewable energy projects.
  • Manage project budgets and timelines.
  • Coordinate with teams and stakeholders to ensure project success.

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3. Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman Electricians at JMS Energy are responsible for installing and maintaining electrical systems in renewable energy projects. This role requires technical expertise and attention to detail.


  • Install and repair electrical systems in wind and solar projects.
  • Ensure compliance with electrical codes and safety standards.
  • Perform routine inspections and maintenance.

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4. Estimator – Renewables

As an Estimator for renewable projects, you will be responsible for preparing cost estimates for renewable energy installations. This role is essential for project planning and budgeting.


  • Analyze project requirements and specifications.
  • Prepare detailed cost estimates.
  • Collaborate with project managers and engineers.

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5. Fiber Optic Technician

Fiber Optic Technicians at JMS Energy install and maintain fiber optic cables for communication systems in renewable energy projects. This role requires precision and technical skills.


  • Install and splice fiber optic cables.
  • Perform testing and troubleshooting of fiber optic networks.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards.

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6. Battery Storage Technician

Battery Storage Technicians are responsible for installing and maintaining battery storage systems in renewable energy projects. This role is crucial for ensuring energy storage solutions are efficient and reliable.


  • Install and maintain battery storage systems.
  • Perform testing and troubleshooting of battery systems.
  • Ensure compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

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7. Solar Technician

Solar Technicians at JMS Energy are responsible for installing and maintaining solar panels and related equipment. This role is vital for the efficient operation of solar energy systems.


  • Install and maintain solar panels and inverters.
  • Perform inspections and repairs.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and safety regulations.

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Why Choose JMS Energy?

Choosing JMS Energy for your career in wind and energy jobs means joining a company that values innovation, sustainability, and professional growth. JMS Energy provides a supportive and collaborative work environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and pursue their career goals. With a focus on renewable energy, JMS Energy offers the opportunity to be part of projects that have a real impact on the environment and the future of energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Wind and Energy Jobs

1. What qualifications are required for a Wind Turbine Technician at JMS Energy?

Answer: Typically, a technical degree or certification in wind energy technology or a related field is required, along with relevant experience in maintenance and repair of wind turbines.

2. What makes JMS Energy a great place to work?

Answer: JMS Energy offers a dynamic work environment with opportunities for professional growth and development. The company is committed to sustainability and innovation, providing employees with the chance to work on impactful renewable energy projects.

3. How can I apply for a job at JMS Energy?

Answer: You can apply for job opportunities at JMS Energy by visiting their careers page and submitting your application online.

4. What kind of projects does JMS Energy work on?

Answer: JMS Energy works on a variety of renewable energy projects, including wind farms, solar energy installations, and other sustainable energy solutions.

5. Does JMS Energy offer internships or entry-level positions?

Answer: Yes, JMS Energy offers internships and entry-level positions for individuals looking to start their careers in the renewable energy sector. Check their careers page for available opportunities.

6. What is the company culture like at JMS Energy?

Answer: JMS Energy fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. The company values teamwork and encourages employees to share ideas and contribute to the company’s success.

7. What benefits does JMS Energy provide to its employees?

Answer: JMS Energy offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, and opportunities for professional development and advancement. Employees also have the satisfaction of working for a company dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

Embark on an exciting career journey with JMS Energy and be part of the future of renewable energy. Explore the various wind and energy jobs available and find the perfect role that aligns with your skills and passion. Visit JMS Energy’s careers page to apply today!

JMS Energy’s Wind Energy Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Wind

Wind Energy Solutions

1. Wind Turbine Installation

JMS Energy excels in the installation of wind turbines, offering turnkey solutions that encompass site assessment, procurement, installation, and commissioning. Their experienced team ensures that each turbine is optimally placed to maximize energy production.

2. Maintenance and Repair Services

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of wind turbines, JMS Energy provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services. These wind energy solutions include, regular inspections and timely repairs are critical to maintaining the performance of wind energy systems.

Wind Energy Solutions

3. Repowering Existing Wind Farms

Repowering existing wind farms is a key service offered by JMS Energy. This process involves upgrading older turbines with modern, more efficient models. Repowering can significantly enhance the energy output of a wind farm without the need for new site development. This approach is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as it maximizes the use of existing infrastructure. JMS Energy’s expertise in repowering ensures that wind farms can continue to operate at peak efficiency, contributing to greater overall energy production.

4. Energy Storage Solutions | BESS | Battery Energy Storage Solutions

To complement their wind energy systems, JMS Energy offers advanced energy storage solutions. These systems store excess energy produced during high wind periods, which can then be used during times of low wind. This ensures a consistent and reliable energy supply.

5. Custom Wind Energy Solutions

JMS Energy understands that each project is unique. They offer custom wind energy solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. From small-scale installations to large wind farms, JMS Energy provides personalized service to ensure optimal outcomes.

6. Community Engagement and Education

JMS Energy is committed to engaging with local communities and educating them about the benefits of wind energy. They work closely with stakeholders to ensure that projects are welcomed and supported, fostering a positive relationship with the community.

7. Innovative Safety Measures

Safety is a top priority at JMS Energy. They employ the latest safety protocols and technologies to protect their workers and the environment. This includes regular safety training, state-of-the-art equipment, and stringent safety standards. For more details on their safety measures, visit their safety page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is the process of converting wind power into electricity using wind turbines. It is a renewable energy source that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Why is repowering important?

Repowering involves upgrading older wind turbines with newer, more efficient models. This process increases energy production and extends the life of a wind farm without the need for new land development, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

How does JMS Energy ensure the safety of its wind energy projects?

JMS Energy employs rigorous safety protocols, regular training, and the latest safety technologies to protect workers and the environment. They adhere to strict safety standards to ensure that all projects are conducted safely.

What are the benefits of wind energy?

Wind energy is a clean, renewable source of power that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, decreases dependence on fossil fuels, and provides a sustainable energy solution for the future.

How can I get started with a wind energy project with JMS Energy?

You can get started by visiting JMS Energy’s website and contacting their team for a consultation. They will assess your needs and provide a tailored solution to meet your energy goals.

JMS Energy is dedicated to providing innovative and safe wind energy solutions that drive sustainability and efficiency. By leveraging their expertise and commitment to excellence, they are helping to shape a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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White Rock

White Rock

White Rock

ProjectWhite Rock

ServicesNew Construction

LocationAnadarko, OK


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy: White Rock in Anadarko, OK


JMS Energy: Wind Energy Construction Experts

JMS Energy is a leading contractor in the commercial wind energy industry, with over 20 years of experience providing high-quality services. They specialize in internal tower wiring and have a proven track record of success in completing complex wind turbine projects.

A Commitment to Safety and Expertise

Safety is a core value at JMS Energy. Their dedicated teams are equipped with expert knowledge and a strong commitment to upholding exceptional safety standards on every project. This ensures not only the well-being of their workers but also the timely and successful completion of each endeavor.

White Rock Wind Farm: A Case Study in Collaboration

One example of JMS Energy’s expertise is their collaboration with Mortenson on the White Rock Wind Farm located in Anadarko, Oklahoma. This project involved the construction of a Vestas wind farm consisting of 51 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) – 49 V162 and 2 V136 models. Superintendents Joel Garcia and Valentin Palacios played key roles in overseeing the successful completion of the project.

Beyond White Rock: A Range of Wind Services

JMS Energy offers a comprehensive suite of wind energy services, including:

* Upfront project consulting
* Project development assistance
* Site development support
* Engineering services (geotechnical, civil, electrical, structural, and SCADA design)
* Civil, road, and earthwork construction
* Environmental compliance
* Infrastructure and foundation construction
* Underground and overhead electrical collection construction
* Overhead high voltage transmission construction
* Substation and switchyard construction
* Tower and turbine construction
* Tower wiring and mechanical completion
* Operations and maintenance services

For more information on JMS Energy’s capabilities and experience in the wind energy sector, visit their website at jmsenergy.net.

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What is Repower? A Look into Wind Farm Repowering

Wind Farm Repowering

In the realm of renewable energy, the concept of repowering holds significant promise for enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Repowering involves upgrading existing power installations with newer, more advanced technology. While this can apply to various types of power plants, wind farms particularly benefit from repowering due to the rapid technological advancements in wind turbine design and efficiency.

Wind Farm Repowering

What is Wind Farm Repowering?

Wind farm repowering entails the comprehensive overhaul of older wind turbines with modern, more powerful counterparts. Instead of simply upgrading individual turbines, entire wind farms—comprising numerous older units—are replaced with fewer, more efficient turbines. This strategic upgrade allows for increased electricity generation capacity, often utilizing turbines with larger towers and longer rotor blades.

Benefits of Wind Farm Repowering

Increased Efficiency

Modern wind turbines are capable of generating significantly more electricity than their predecessors, thanks to advancements in blade design and turbine technology. These turbines can produce more energy at lower rotational speeds, optimizing their efficiency and output.

Environmental Impact

One of the key advantages of wind farm repowering is its positive impact on the environment. By reducing the number of turbines needed while increasing their individual capacity, repowering helps mitigate the ecological footprint of wind energy projects. Larger turbines with slower rotations are also less disruptive to local wildlife habitats, contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts.

Visual and Aesthetic Improvements

Beyond technical benefits, repowering enhances the visual appeal of wind farms. Larger turbines with slower rotations are more aesthetically pleasing, blending more harmoniously with the landscape compared to older, smaller turbines with faster-moving blades.

Contribution to Energy Transition

Repowering plays a crucial role in advancing the global transition to renewable energy sources. By enhancing the efficiency and output of existing wind farms, repowering helps meet growing energy demands sustainably, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and supporting the shift towards cleaner energy alternatives.

Case Studies and Examples

JMS Energy’s Approach

JMS Energy has been at the forefront of wind farm repowering initiatives, leveraging their expertise to transform aging wind installations into state-of-the-art energy producers. Their projects focus on maximizing energy output while minimizing environmental impact, exemplifying the benefits of repowering in real-world applications.

Additional Information and Resources

For more detailed insights into wind farm repowering and its benefits, explore JMS Energy’s dedicated page on wind energy solutions here.

What is the typical lifespan of a wind turbine before repowering is considered?

Wind turbine lifespan varies but typically ranges from 20 to 25 years. Repowering is considered when turbines approach the end of their operational life or when technological advancements offer significant efficiency gains.

How does repowering benefit energy efficiency?

Repowering replaces older turbines with newer models that can generate more electricity from the same wind conditions, thereby enhancing overall energy efficiency and output.

What are the environmental considerations of wind farm repowering?

Repowering reduces the number of turbines needed, minimizing land use and environmental impact. Newer turbines with larger blades also operate more quietly and are less disruptive to wildlife.

How does wind farm repowering contribute to the energy transition?

By increasing the efficiency and output of wind farms, repowering helps scale up renewable energy capacity, supporting global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

What are the challenges associated with wind farm repowering?

Challenges include logistical complexities such as turbine transportation and installation, as well as regulatory considerations related to land use and environmental permits.

Wind farm repowering represents a pivotal strategy in the evolution of renewable energy infrastructure. By upgrading older wind turbines with advanced technology, repowering not only boosts energy efficiency and output but also fosters environmental sustainability and supports the global transition towards a cleaner, greener future. For more information on how JMS Energy leads the way in wind farm repowering projects, visit their website and explore their innovative solutions.

Storey Solar

Storey Solar
Storey Solar

Storey Solar

ProjectStorey Solar


LocationCoolidge, AZ


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy: Storey Solar in Coolidge, AZ


Storey Solar Project in Coolidge, AZ

JMS Energy is proud to highlight our recent collaboration with Wanzek on the Storey Solar project in Coolidge, AZ. This project underscores our expertise in providing high-quality installation services for renewable energy infrastructure. Here’s a detailed look at the work we performed:

Project Scope and Objectives

The Storey Solar project aimed to enhance the energy infrastructure by integrating advanced fiber optic communication systems. Our role in this project was critical to ensuring seamless data transmission and operational efficiency for the solar facility. The key components of our work included the installation, termination, and testing of Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optic cables.

Installation of OSP Fiber Optic Cable

Our skilled technicians meticulously installed the OSP fiber optic cables throughout the Storey Solar site. This process involved:

  • Route Planning: Carefully planning the cable routes to optimize coverage and minimize potential disruptions.
  • Cable Laying: Precisely laying the fiber optic cables to ensure secure and protected installation, capable of withstanding environmental factors.
  • Protection Measures: Implementing protective measures to safeguard the cables from physical damage, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Termination and OTDR Testing

After the installation, we proceeded with the termination and rigorous testing of the fiber optic cables:

  • Termination: Our experts carefully terminated the fiber optic cables, ensuring accurate and reliable connections. This step is crucial for the seamless transmission of data across the network.
  • OTDR Testing: We performed Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing to verify the integrity and performance of the fiber optic cables. OTDR testing helps in detecting any faults, splices, or bends in the cable, ensuring optimal performance.

Collaboration with Wanzek

Working alongside Wanzek, a leading provider of construction services for renewable energy projects, JMS Energy demonstrated our ability to collaborate effectively and contribute significantly to large-scale solar projects. Our combined expertise ensured the successful completion of the Storey Solar project, meeting all quality and performance standards.


The Storey Solar project in Coolidge, AZ, exemplifies JMS Energys’s commitment to excellence in renewable energy infrastructure. Our comprehensive approach to the installation, termination, and testing of OSP fiber optic cables ensures robust and reliable communication systems for solar facilities.

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Shamrock Wind

Shamrock Wind
Shamrock Wind

Shamrock Wind

ProjectShamrock Wind

ServicesNew Contruction

LocationOzona, TX


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy

JMS Energy recently completed a significant project in collaboration with Mortenson, demonstrating our comprehensive expertise in renewable energy infrastructure. This project involved meticulous work on nacelle and section preparation for all tower sections, ensuring every component was primed for optimal performance. Here’s a detailed look at the tasks JMS Energy performed:

Nacelle and Section Preparation

JMS Energy undertook the critical task of preparing the nacelle and all tower sections, a foundational step in ensuring the efficient assembly and operation of the wind turbines. This preparation involved detailed coordination and precision to meet the project specifications and timelines.

Lowering and Bundling Cables

One of the core responsibilities was to lower and bundle all rotor, stator, and communications cables from the generator in the nacelle to the saddle deck. This process required meticulous handling to prevent damage and ensure seamless connectivity. The bundling of these cables is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the wind turbine’s electrical system.

Splicing and Bundling at Tower Sections

JMS Energy performed all necessary splicing and bundling of rotor, stator, and ground cables at each tower section. This step involved precise splicing techniques to ensure robust connections that can withstand the operational stresses of the wind turbine. Proper bundling at each section is essential for organized cable management and long-term reliability.

Terminations in Base Section

At the base section, JMS Energy carried out all DTA rotor, stator, and communication bundle terminations. These terminations are vital for integrating the various electrical components, ensuring that the wind turbine operates efficiently and safely.

OHM and Megger Testing

To guarantee the proper function of all rotor and stator cables, JMS Energy conducted thorough OHM and Megger testing. These tests measure the insulation resistance and continuity of the cables, identifying any potential issues before the wind turbine becomes operational. This step is critical for ensuring the reliability and safety of the electrical system.

This collaboration with Mortenson underscores JMS Energy’s ability to handle complex renewable energy projects with precision and expertise. From nacelle preparation to meticulous cable management and rigorous testing, JMS Energy ensures every aspect of the project meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

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Pyron Repower — 166 Turbines

Pyron Repower
Pyron Repower
Pyron Repower

Pyron Repower


ServicesWind Repower

LocationPyron Repower-Roscoe, TX


Pyron Repower

JMS Energy Project Overview: Collaboration with Mortenson

JMS Energy collaborated with Mortenson on a comprehensive wind turbine project that showcased their expertise in renewable energy systems. The project included several critical tasks:

  • De-Termination and Re-Termination: The JMS Energy team de-terminated the HUB, gearbox, generator, and top box. After Mortenson reinstalled the refurbished gearbox and generator along with the upgraded top box, JMS Energy re-terminated all these components, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.
  • Upgrades and Installations: JMS Energy performed essential upgrades on the top box and installed new FAA lights on the nacelles, enhancing the operational efficiency and compliance of the turbines.
  • Turbine Relocation: Three complete turbines were meticulously relocated. JMS Energy provided white-glove de-termination of all rotor, stator, ground, and communications cables to ensure they could be reused when the towers were reinstalled. All cables up and down the tower in the DTA were re-wired and re-terminated.
  • Foundation and Pedestal Work: JMS Energy installed all grounding and conduit systems in the foundation and pedestal, ensuring robust and reliable connections.
  • Collection System Installation: The team trenched and installed the collection and fiber optic cables (FOC) from the pre-existing to the new turbine locations. Junction boxes for medium voltage (MV) cables and manholes for FOC terminations were also installed.
  • Transformer Installation and Testing: New transformers were installed at the new locations, and TTR testing was performed to ensure proper equipment functionality. JMS Energy also conducted VLF testing on all MV connections for the new collection system once all MV terminations were completed.
  • Low Voltage Cable Installation: All low voltage (LV) cables from the transformer to the PDC at the DTA were installed, completing the electrical setup for the new turbine locations.

This project highlights JMS Energy’s comprehensive capabilities in managing complex renewable energy projects, from de-termination and re-termination to upgrades, installations, and rigorous testing procedures. Their collaboration with Mortenson demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable renewable energy solutions.

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Discover the Power of JMS Energy: A Turnkey Renewable Energy Company

Turnkey Renewable Energy Company

JMS Energy stands out as a turnkey renewable energy company, offering comprehensive services that cover every aspect of renewable energy projects. In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, the demand for sustainable and renewable energy solutions is higher than ever. As the world moves towards greener and more efficient energy sources, companies like JMS Energy are at the forefront of this transformation. From battery energy storage systems to solar and wind energy solutions, JMS Energy provides end-to-end services that ensure the seamless implementation and operation of renewable energy systems.


What It Means to Be a Turnkey Renewable Energy Company

Being a turnkey renewable energy company means providing a full suite of services from the initial planning and design stages to the final implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects. Unlike companies that offer only specific services, a turnkey provider like JMS Energy handles every aspect of the project. This includes engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as operation and maintenance.

The turnkey approach simplifies the process for clients by offering a single point of contact and accountability, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and effectively. Clients benefit from streamlined communication, reduced risk, and the assurance that their renewable energy systems are designed and built to the highest standards. This holistic approach allows clients to focus on their core business while JMS Energy manages the complexities of renewable energy implementation.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

One of the critical components of modern renewable energy infrastructure is battery energy storage systems (BESS). These systems are essential for storing energy generated from renewable sources like solar and wind, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply even when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind isn’t blowing.

JMS Energy offers state-of-the-art BESS solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. Their battery storage systems provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy Reliability: By storing excess energy, BESS ensures a continuous power supply, mitigating the intermittency issues associated with renewable energy sources.
  • Cost Savings: Energy storage can help reduce electricity costs by storing energy during low-demand periods and discharging it during peak demand times.
  • Grid Stability: BESS plays a crucial role in maintaining grid stability by balancing supply and demand, preventing outages, and ensuring smooth operation.

With JMS Energy’s expertise, clients can leverage advanced battery storage technologies to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their renewable energy systems.

Communication Services

Effective communication systems are vital for the successful operation of renewable energy projects. JMS Energy’s communication services ensure seamless integration and management of renewable energy assets. Their offerings include:

  • SCADA Systems: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems allow for real-time monitoring and control of renewable energy installations, ensuring optimal performance and quick response to any issues.
  • Fiber Optic Networks: High-speed, reliable communication networks are essential for the efficient operation of renewable energy systems. JMS Energy provides robust fiber optic solutions that facilitate fast data transmission and connectivity.
  • Wireless Communication: In remote areas where traditional communication infrastructure is lacking, JMS Energy’s wireless communication solutions ensure reliable connectivity and system management.

By providing these cutting-edge communication services, JMS Energy as a turnkey renewable energy company, enables clients to maintain efficient and effective control over their renewable energy projects.

Solar Services

Solar Services

Solar energy is a cornerstone of the renewable energy revolution, and JMS Energy’s comprehensive solar services ensure that clients can harness the full potential of the sun’s power. Their solar services include:

  • Design and Engineering: JMS Energy’s team of experts designs customized solar energy systems tailored to the specific needs and conditions of each client.
  • Installation and Commissioning: From installing solar panels to commissioning entire solar power plants, JMS Energy handles every step of the process with precision and professionalism.
  • Maintenance and Support: Regular maintenance and support services ensure that solar energy systems continue to operate at peak efficiency, providing reliable and sustainable energy.

With JMS Energy’s solar services as a turnkey renewable energy company, clients can enjoy clean, renewable energy that reduces their carbon footprint and energy costs.

turnkey renewable energy company

Wind Services

Wind energy is another vital component of the renewable energy mix. JMS Energy’s wind services cover every aspect of wind energy projects, from initial planning to ongoing maintenance. Their offerings include:

  • Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies: JMS Energy conducts thorough site assessments and feasibility studies to determine the best locations and configurations for wind energy projects.
  • Turbine Installation and Commissioning: Their experienced team handles the installation and commissioning of wind turbines, ensuring they are set up for optimal performance.
  • Operations and Maintenance: JMS Energy provides comprehensive operations and maintenance services to keep wind energy systems running smoothly and efficiently.

By leveraging JMS Energy’s expertise in wind energy, clients can tap into the power of the wind to generate clean and sustainable electricity.

Construction Services

JMS Energy’s construction services are integral to the successful implementation of renewable energy projects. They offer a wide range of construction services, including:

  • Civil and Electrical Construction: JMS Energy’s skilled construction teams handle all aspects of civil and electrical construction, ensuring that renewable energy projects are built to the highest standards.
  • Project Management: From initial planning to final completion, JMS Energy provides expert project management services to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality assurance processes ensure that all construction work meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

With JMS Energy’s construction services, clients can be confident that their renewable energy projects will be built to last, delivering reliable and sustainable energy for years to come.


JMS Energy is more than just a renewable energy company; they are a partner in the transition to a sustainable future. As a turnkey renewable energy company, JMS Energy offers comprehensive services that cover every aspect of renewable energy projects. From cutting-edge battery energy storage systems and advanced communication solutions to expert solar and wind services and top-notch construction capabilities, JMS Energy provides the expertise and support needed to implement successful renewable energy projects.

If you’re looking to embrace the power of renewable energy, JMS Energy is your go-to partner for reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. Contact JMS Energy today to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve your renewable energy goals.

JMS Energy Announces New Assistant Director Wind & BESS, Willy Monoian

Assistant Director Wind & BESS

With 18 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, I have progressed from a nacelle prep worker to holding various significant roles. My journey has been marked by numerous accomplishments, including involvement in new site start-ups, maintenance tasks, and multiple MCE activities across various turbine platforms. I have contributed to writing work instructions for MCE tasks and designing innovative tools. My experience extends to participating in successful repowering and new construction projects. Additionally, I have traveled overseas multiple times to assist in developing installation manuals and tooling for turbines new to the U.S. I am excited to take on my new role as Assistant Director of Wind & BESS at JMS Energy, where I will continue to leverage my expertise to drive success in the renewable energy sector.

Find out more about JMS Energy and our services here.

JMS Energy Announces New Director of EPC, Grant Talbot

Director of EPC

Grant joins JMS Energy as the Director of EPC where he will be responsible for developing and executing a strategic vision for our EPC division aligning with our commitment to clean and sustainable energy solutions. Grant brings a proven track record and a wealth of knowledge in the power generation and power delivery EPC markets. Prior to joining JMS Energy, Grant spent 6.5 years with IEA Constructors, a MasTec Company, and most recently served as the Director of Operations where he was responsible for the project and operational management of complex EPC wind and BESS projects.  Prior to his tenure at IEA Constructors, Grant spent over 5 years with Kiewit where he held various field engineering, design engineering, estimating, and project engineering roles working almost entirely in the power generation and power delivery EPC markets. Grant holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clemson University, and he is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of South Carolina.

Find out more about JMS Energy and our services here.