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Construction Services


Safety. Quality. Value. Experience

Experience the JMS Energy advantage when you choose to build with us. Our unwavering commitment results in the infusion of enhanced value, time and cost savings, amplified quality, and a secure work environment in your project. Every endeavor is a canvas for our relentless innovation, creativity, and boundless imagination. Our legacy of power-centric construction, where we’ve consistently remained at the forefront, spans decades in renewable energy, maintenance, and substations. We have extensive experience, a profound grasp of the industry’s intricacies, and an unyielding drive for innovation. We are prepared to conquer your most intricate power and energy ventures. The JMS Energy team is your steadfast ally when navigating the complex landscape of the power industry.


  • Maintenance
  • Drone Inspections
  • Mechanical Completion (MCC)
  • Tower Cleaning
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Logistics Support