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Pyron Repower

JMS Energy Project Overview: Collaboration with Mortenson

JMS Energy collaborated with Mortenson on a comprehensive wind turbine project that showcased their expertise in renewable energy systems. The project included several critical tasks:

  • De-Termination and Re-Termination: The JMS Energy team de-terminated the HUB, gearbox, generator, and top box. After Mortenson reinstalled the refurbished gearbox and generator along with the upgraded top box, JMS Energy re-terminated all these components, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.
  • Upgrades and Installations: JMS Energy performed essential upgrades on the top box and installed new FAA lights on the nacelles, enhancing the operational efficiency and compliance of the turbines.
  • Turbine Relocation: Three complete turbines were meticulously relocated. JMS Energy provided white-glove de-termination of all rotor, stator, ground, and communications cables to ensure they could be reused when the towers were reinstalled. All cables up and down the tower in the DTA were re-wired and re-terminated.
  • Foundation and Pedestal Work: JMS Energy installed all grounding and conduit systems in the foundation and pedestal, ensuring robust and reliable connections.
  • Collection System Installation: The team trenched and installed the collection and fiber optic cables (FOC) from the pre-existing to the new turbine locations. Junction boxes for medium voltage (MV) cables and manholes for FOC terminations were also installed.
  • Transformer Installation and Testing: New transformers were installed at the new locations, and TTR testing was performed to ensure proper equipment functionality. JMS Energy also conducted VLF testing on all MV connections for the new collection system once all MV terminations were completed.
  • Low Voltage Cable Installation: All low voltage (LV) cables from the transformer to the PDC at the DTA were installed, completing the electrical setup for the new turbine locations.

This project highlights JMS Energy’s comprehensive capabilities in managing complex renewable energy projects, from de-termination and re-termination to upgrades, installations, and rigorous testing procedures. Their collaboration with Mortenson demonstrates their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable renewable energy solutions.

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