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Shamrock Wind

Shamrock Wind

ProjectShamrock Wind

ServicesNew Contruction

LocationOzona, TX


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy

JMS Energy recently completed a significant project in collaboration with Mortenson, demonstrating our comprehensive expertise in renewable energy infrastructure. This project involved meticulous work on nacelle and section preparation for all tower sections, ensuring every component was primed for optimal performance. Here’s a detailed look at the tasks JMS Energy performed:

Nacelle and Section Preparation

JMS Energy undertook the critical task of preparing the nacelle and all tower sections, a foundational step in ensuring the efficient assembly and operation of the wind turbines. This preparation involved detailed coordination and precision to meet the project specifications and timelines.

Lowering and Bundling Cables

One of the core responsibilities was to lower and bundle all rotor, stator, and communications cables from the generator in the nacelle to the saddle deck. This process required meticulous handling to prevent damage and ensure seamless connectivity. The bundling of these cables is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the wind turbine’s electrical system.

Splicing and Bundling at Tower Sections

JMS Energy performed all necessary splicing and bundling of rotor, stator, and ground cables at each tower section. This step involved precise splicing techniques to ensure robust connections that can withstand the operational stresses of the wind turbine. Proper bundling at each section is essential for organized cable management and long-term reliability.

Terminations in Base Section

At the base section, JMS Energy carried out all DTA rotor, stator, and communication bundle terminations. These terminations are vital for integrating the various electrical components, ensuring that the wind turbine operates efficiently and safely.

OHM and Megger Testing

To guarantee the proper function of all rotor and stator cables, JMS Energy conducted thorough OHM and Megger testing. These tests measure the insulation resistance and continuity of the cables, identifying any potential issues before the wind turbine becomes operational. This step is critical for ensuring the reliability and safety of the electrical system.

This collaboration with Mortenson underscores JMS Energy’s ability to handle complex renewable energy projects with precision and expertise. From nacelle preparation to meticulous cable management and rigorous testing, JMS Energy ensures every aspect of the project meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail make us a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

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