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Shepherds Flat

JMS Energy is equipped to enhance your next turbine project with their comprehensive wind services. With a strong track record, including partnerships with major industry players like GE, JMS technicians specialize in tasks such as decommissioning, re-installing, and re-terminating cables in turbine towers. They ensure all components meet stringent quality checks like OHM and Megger testing to guarantee proper terminations. Trust JMS Energy for reliable execution and technical excellence in your wind energy endeavors. Explore their full range of capabilities at JMS Energy Wind Services.

Shepherds Flat


Turbine Qty181


LocationArlington, OR

Project SpecificsWorked with GE, Due to cable issues, JMS techs worked on decommissioning all DRAKA cable towers. Reinstalled, re-bundled, and re-terminate all DLO cables in tower. OHM and Megger tested all cables to ensure proper terminations.

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