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Storey Solar

Storey Solar

ProjectStorey Solar


LocationCoolidge, AZ


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy: Storey Solar in Coolidge, AZ


Storey Solar Project in Coolidge, AZ

JMS Energy is proud to highlight our recent collaboration with Wanzek on the Storey Solar project in Coolidge, AZ. This project underscores our expertise in providing high-quality installation services for renewable energy infrastructure. Here’s a detailed look at the work we performed:

Project Scope and Objectives

The Storey Solar project aimed to enhance the energy infrastructure by integrating advanced fiber optic communication systems. Our role in this project was critical to ensuring seamless data transmission and operational efficiency for the solar facility. The key components of our work included the installation, termination, and testing of Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optic cables.

Installation of OSP Fiber Optic Cable

Our skilled technicians meticulously installed the OSP fiber optic cables throughout the Storey Solar site. This process involved:

  • Route Planning: Carefully planning the cable routes to optimize coverage and minimize potential disruptions.
  • Cable Laying: Precisely laying the fiber optic cables to ensure secure and protected installation, capable of withstanding environmental factors.
  • Protection Measures: Implementing protective measures to safeguard the cables from physical damage, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Termination and OTDR Testing

After the installation, we proceeded with the termination and rigorous testing of the fiber optic cables:

  • Termination: Our experts carefully terminated the fiber optic cables, ensuring accurate and reliable connections. This step is crucial for the seamless transmission of data across the network.
  • OTDR Testing: We performed Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing to verify the integrity and performance of the fiber optic cables. OTDR testing helps in detecting any faults, splices, or bends in the cable, ensuring optimal performance.

Collaboration with Wanzek

Working alongside Wanzek, a leading provider of construction services for renewable energy projects, JMS Energy demonstrated our ability to collaborate effectively and contribute significantly to large-scale solar projects. Our combined expertise ensured the successful completion of the Storey Solar project, meeting all quality and performance standards.


The Storey Solar project in Coolidge, AZ, exemplifies JMS Energys’s commitment to excellence in renewable energy infrastructure. Our comprehensive approach to the installation, termination, and testing of OSP fiber optic cables ensures robust and reliable communication systems for solar facilities.

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