White Rock

White Rock

ProjectWhite Rock

ServicesNew Construction

LocationAnadarko, OK


Completed Project Overview for JMS Energy: White Rock in Anadarko, OK


JMS Energy: Wind Energy Construction Experts

JMS Energy is a leading contractor in the commercial wind energy industry, with over 20 years of experience providing high-quality services. They specialize in internal tower wiring and have a proven track record of success in completing complex wind turbine projects.

A Commitment to Safety and Expertise

Safety is a core value at JMS Energy. Their dedicated teams are equipped with expert knowledge and a strong commitment to upholding exceptional safety standards on every project. This ensures not only the well-being of their workers but also the timely and successful completion of each endeavor.

White Rock Wind Farm: A Case Study in Collaboration

One example of JMS Energy’s expertise is their collaboration with Mortenson on the White Rock Wind Farm located in Anadarko, Oklahoma. This project involved the construction of a Vestas wind farm consisting of 51 Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) – 49 V162 and 2 V136 models. Superintendents Joel Garcia and Valentin Palacios played key roles in overseeing the successful completion of the project.

Beyond White Rock: A Range of Wind Services

JMS Energy offers a comprehensive suite of wind energy services, including:

* Upfront project consulting
* Project development assistance
* Site development support
* Engineering services (geotechnical, civil, electrical, structural, and SCADA design)
* Civil, road, and earthwork construction
* Environmental compliance
* Infrastructure and foundation construction
* Underground and overhead electrical collection construction
* Overhead high voltage transmission construction
* Substation and switchyard construction
* Tower and turbine construction
* Tower wiring and mechanical completion
* Operations and maintenance services

For more information on JMS Energy’s capabilities and experience in the wind energy sector, visit their website at jmsenergy.net.

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